Jaguar E Type

Jaguar E Type
Engine:in line, six-cylinder 2xOHC, 4.235 litres, 265 HP @ 5400 r.p.m., one inlet valve and one exhaust valve per cylinder, two horizontal carburetters SU HD8 type with temperature controlled saturator.
Transmission:synchronized four-speed, LAYCOCK hydraulically controlled coupling, rear axle driven, THORNTON POWER-LOCK self-locking differential gearbox.
Brakes:three-piston DUNLOP disc / two piston DUNLOP disc, rear brakes mounted on the gearbox side of the shafts, LOCKHEED brake booster.
Steering:rack and pinion, non-powered
Weight:1123 kg
Body:steel chassisless body with the engine and the front axle mounted on the subframe.
Top speed:240 km/h

Car description

All wheels are independently suspended. The front axle is equipped with the anti-roll bar. The rear axle consits of lower tubular bifurcated arm with longitudinal strut. The upper arms were provided by the drive shafts with nonconstant-velocity joints. The suspension of each wheel is completed with two telescopic dampers and two coil springs. The rear axle is equipped with the anti-roll bar.

Car details

Price (EUR):39 000,- EUR + DPH

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